EDC for All! | Expert Support Needed

Dínamo and its partners need your support in developing an European state of art analysis on educational games tackling Education for Democratic Citizenship and Youth Participation
Please fill this simple form before 8th of June 2014
More info about the project:
Dínamo and its partners [please check who are they below] is developing since the beginning of 2014 the international project 'EDC for All - Qualifying and Mainstreaming Education for Democratic Citizenship within Europe', co-funded by the Transfer of Innovation action of the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission.
The project aims at improving the quality and attractiveness of Democratic Citizenship Education by transferring innovative practices and tools in this field.
Its main dimensions are:
  1. The translation, adaptation and dissemination into Portuguese and German contexts of 3 manuals of the Council of Europe [Have your say! Charter for All! & Charter for All! - Guidelines for Educators]
  2. The development of a new EDC game, based in the Non Formal Education approach and focused in promoting youth participation and democratic citizenship of young people and adults normally excluded to participation cycles
  3. The implementation in Portugal of an EDC training centre, based in the experience of other NFE training centres at local and international level in Europe
The game dimension [2] of the project is planned in the following way
  • An European state of art analysis in order to understand which best practice are already being implemented and which organizations can share experience in this field [on-going]
  • An international expert seminar in order to define the core concept of the game [July 2014, Portugal]
  • The production of the first version of the game [2014]
  • The test phase of the game in different context in Portugal and Germany and in the framework of other international trainings and seminar [2014-2015]
  • The review phase of the game [2015]
  • The final production [2nd half of 2015]
  • The dissemination phase which will empower youth workers to use and adapt the game for their specific contexts [2nd half of 2015]
As you can see, your contribution is extremely important in order to start this process. Please support us and share with us some of your experience in the EDC field filling this formThe form allows you also to upload files in order to better support us!
In case of need you can contact Este endereço de email está protegido contra piratas. Necessita ativar o JavaScript para o visualizar. from planpolitik who is in charge of this dimension of the project.
If you can please spread this email and the link of the form among your contacts of organizations and practitioners in the field of Non Formal Education and Education for Democratic Citizenship. Thank you!
If you want you can follow the project and its action in the DARE blog!
Partner organizations: 
Dínamo - Sintra, Portugal
planpolitik - Berlin, Germany
DARE network - Antwerpen, Belgium
Aga Khan Foundation - Portugal